We are the only solar company in the world that offers various solutions and services pertaining to solar industry on an à La Carte basis.

We offer individually all the sub-services that make up the Project Development, Financing, EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), O&M (Operations & Maintenance), Asset Management etc.

The advantages of this approach are:

  • Client gets and pays for only what they absolutely need.
  • Client need not engage an EPC player and pay huge advances, just to do preparatory project work.
  • Client can start the project at their own pace and need not be answerable to an EPC player about project starting timelines.
  • Client has the freedom to choose any EPC player after getting few services from us.
  • It is Cost effective and time effective if we take up these services, compared to client taking up these activities on their own.

The way it works is:

  • If any client (commercial or residential) intends to setup a solar plant, and wants an objective estimate of plant size and cost done, we shall provide just that service.
  • An EPC player wants site survey done at the site of their potential client, we will get the site survey done, at a much lower cost and faster than what it would cost the EPC player.
  • If any developer wants plant design done, we shall provide complete design and drawings including hard copies and attested by any third party, if required.
  • Also if any client wants just the Module Mounting Structure designed and/or fabricated and supplied, we shall take that up.
  • The same itemized approach of services applies to any of the services listed below.

List of services that are offered include but not limited to:


  • Site Survey
  • Feasibility Report
  • Roof strength analysis for rooftop projects
  • Soil Testing for ground mount projects

DPR (Detailed Project Report)

  • Detailed Project Reports
  • Bankable DPRs


  • Identify land
  • Procure land
  • Land Registrations
  • Agricultural and Non-Agricultural conversion


  • Detailed plant design using PVSyst or similar packages
  • AutoCad Design Drawings
  • Earth pits Layout and count
  • LA Count and locations


  • Module Mounting Structure Design
  • Wind load analysis and STAAD analysis
  • Structure Fabrication
  • Quality inspection before dispatch


  • Financial Analysis
  • Project Cost estimates
  • Financial Syndication


  • Permits for Open Access
  • All DISCOM permits
  • CEIG
  • Any other statutory permit


  • Identify & Evaluate vendors
  • Third Party Inspection of Incoming material
  • Module Mounting Structure Supply
  • Owner’s Engineer


  • Third Party Inspection of land and Right of Way issues
  • Third Party Inspection of Supplies
  • Third Party Inspection of Installations


  • Resource Planning
  • Work Planning
  • Implement Project as per Timelines
  • Identify Critical Path items


  • Identify Safety aspects and suggest solutions
  • Recommend safety equipment
  • Suggest security measures to be undertaken on site


  • Identify areas where insurance coverage is required
  • Implement insurance coverage


  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Asset Management