YESSV is driven by the principle of reducing carbon footprint using solar power in a holistic way.  

Preventing untoward climate change is the grand global gain that all countries are striving to achieve.

YESSV understands clearly the significance of this endeavor and is committed to keeping the atmospheric CO2 to tolerable levels and thereby prevent anthropogenic interference with climate change.

Towards that goal, we take up Solar Projects on BOOT/BOT model, as IPP (Independent Power Producers) and also take up TURNKEY EPC solutions (Concept to Commissioning) of Solar PV and Solar Thermal solutions for every segment, Non-Residential (Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Educational, Agricultural, Societies, NGO etc clients), Residential and Custom Applications.

We also offer ENERGY SAVINGS and ENERGY EFFICIENCY services because,  is wise to prevent wastage and save energy before generating energy, even if it is clean energy from solar. This is our holistic approach.

Till date we are involved in setting up 150 Mega Watts, completed more than 100 projects across India and a few in the USA. 

We offer LECTURES and WORKSHOPS on solar power solutions, energy efficiency, global warming.