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We are the only solar company in the world that offers various solutions and services pertaining to solar industry on an à La Carte basis. We offer individually all the sub-services that make up the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), O&M (Operations & Maintenance), Asset Management etc.

Of the EPC services, we offer any one or two or many services individually or all of the services as turnkey EPC.Just because a client orders few services from us, there is no commitment to do the complete EPC with us.


Client gets and pays for only what they absolutely need
Client need not engage an EPC player and pay huge advances, just     to do preparatory project work
Client can execute the project at their own pace and need not take     pressure from an EPC player for starting the
Client has the freedom to choose any EPC player after getting few     services from us
Cost of services taken by us will be cheaper than Client doing those     activities on their own
Time to do the services is shorter with us


YESSV Energy and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is an all-inclusive solar power solutions company. We are Developers, Project Finance Syndicators, EPC players, O&M contractors, Asset Managers etc.

YESSV is world’s first solar à La Carte solutions company.

We take up solar projects and activities in any part the world. So far our presence is in India, USA, Oman, Turkey, and Dubai. We are expanding into other geographies very soon.